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Connecting open source communities together we can strengthen communication technology

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Why we are starting the Open Comms Alliance

As a collective of companies developing open communication products, we see different open source communities and products working towards the same goal: to have free and open Internet-based communication. What we don’t see, however, is a common place for discussions or collaboration on projects that can help the progression of the technologies as a whole. To solve this, we want to create the Open Comms Alliance. Through this alliance, we aim to connect smaller communities and businesses. Together we can lower the barriers for developing Internet-based communication technologies.

How you can help

This alliance is in the beginning stages of formation. We are looking for people, businesses and organisations that believe in our mission and want to join us from the very beginning to make this alliance a thriving place where Internet-based communication developers and enthusiasts can connect, discuss, and collaborate.

The mission guiding our efforts

Our mission is to boost collaboration within the Internet-based communication space to stimulate advances in the way people connect. We believe that in an era where cutting edge technology is developed in the open, working together is more important than ever. Through the combination of our globally distributed efforts, we can evolve the field in ways still unimaginable.

Why open source?

In an effort to reduce redundancy and deduplicate the current efforts of people in Internet-based communication, we are creating a space for collaboration regardless of your professional background and level of knowledge. Our foundation for the community is open source software. By using this open form of development, every member is able to discuss problems or collaborate on projects without limitations.