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Open source projects are what make VoIP work. By sharing the projects we are working on, we can share our knowledge.

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If you have a project that you want to highlight or want some help with, this is the perfect place to do just that! You can open a topic on the forum to see if your project fits.


This project is a JavaScript library developed to make developing applications for calling in the browser easier. It is built upon the popular SIP.js library that allows working with the SIP protocol in the browser. The WebphoneLib adds a layer of abstraction that allows developers to not worry about SIP events, REGISTER’s, INVITE’s and the like.

Check out the GitHub repo for the library or check out the forum to join the conversation about the project!


This project is no longer being developed and is archived.

CA11 started in 2019 with the purpose to make telephony more like the Web; accessible and without the need for accounts or subscriptions. CA11 consists of a WebRTC softphone with flexible support for multiple signalling protocols. It currently implements the SIP protocol and a custom protocol called SIG11. SIP is oriented towards calling with an intermediary PBX(Asterisk); SIG11 is developed to accomodate P2P calling. The CA11 project generally focusses on the following themes:

  • Privacy - Calls (SIP/SIG11) and Signalling (SIG11) should be E2E encrypted
  • Accessibility - Open accountless signalling service (SIG11)
  • Synergy - Integrate with existing telephony systems (SIP)
  • Costs - Decentralized media (SIG11)